Minutes of the 15th&16th Annual General Meeting 

Date:   Tuesday, 15 May, 2012
Venue: The British Embassy Hall, Lainchaur, Kathmandu
15th & 16th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Nepal Britain Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NBCCI) was held on 15 May, 2012 at The British Embassy Hall, Lainchaur, Kathmandu. Representatives of 44 member organizations were present at the time of AGM.

Business Session
As the quorum for the meeting was adequate, the business session was commenced by the President Mr. Rajendra K Khetan at 4:00 pm as scheduled. He welcomed all the members to the 15th & 16th Annual General Meeting of the Chamber.

  1. President Mr. Khetan made an opening remarks and welcome address in which he welcomed Mr. Guy Harrison, Deputy Head of Mission, The British Embassy, who is also the Permanent Observer of the chamber and to all the EC Committee members and the general members of NBCCI.


  1. In his speech, he summarized them about the activities of the Chamber held during the year. He mentioned that NBCCI represented at Nepal Trade promotion meeting held at Nepalese Embassy in London in the month of July 2011. Thereafter, a high level delegation from UK visited Nepal in the month of October 2011 and showed keen interest in Nepal.
  1. He also analyzed that the previous year was a difficult time for the business sector due to the uncertainty and political unrest; even we are meeting on the eve of one of the most crucial timeline of the history of Nepal. In one side the country seems politically divided such as ethnicity and in other side for many years now the over all industrial and investment has been suffering due to long standing impunity, state of anarchy labor issues, extreme difficult beurocarcy, corruption and  strikes on a day to day basis. All these suffering have been adding frustration among entrepreneurs and investors.


  1. He thanked all the members for supporting the Chamber despite the hard times, noting that the number of active members had remained constant, and hoped that the future would be better for all. He added that it is at the same time very important that we receive regular suggestions from the members on how to increase the activities of the chamber. He then requested Sr. Vice President, Mr. Ashish K Sengupta to present the Annual Report.
  1. Mr. Sengupta, Sr. V P presented the Annual Report for the year 2066-67 and 2067-68. The President asked members if they had any questioned; if not, he requested that it be approved. The Annual Report was unanimously approved as read. The President then requested Vice President-Finance Mr. Ganga Ram Shrestha to present the final accounts for the year 2066-67 and 2067-68.


  1. Mr. Ganga Ram Shrestha, Vice President-Finance presented the Annual Report for the year 2066-67 and 2067-68 respectively. After discussions, Mrs. Sulo Shah Shrestha of Formation Carpets proposed and Mr. Maheshwor Pokharel of Fewa Pashmina Company seconded for passing of accounts and the Annual Accounts were endorsed unanimously.
  1. President, Mr. Khetan thereafter proposed for the appointment of auditors and their remuneration for the year 2068-69 and informed that M/s Deoki Bijay & company, existing auditors are eligible for re-appointment, which was approved and passed by the members unanimously.


The President then opened the meeting for comments and suggestions from the floor.

  1. On the open floor interaction, Mr. Shovan Dev Pant, CEO Lumbini Bank stressed on the business trade between Nepal and the Britain. He also concerned mentioning that the Nepali business community was a victim in the present situation. He requested the international community to look into this issue of industrial unrest and arm twisting very seriously as the business community was totally demoralized. He added that the coming weeks were going to be very volatile.


  1. Mr. Joydeb Chakravarty of Thompson Nepal Pvt. Ltd. said that the chamber is not that active as it was. He further suggested that the chamber should also publish newsletter regularly through publishing in NBCCI’s website. He mentioned that email would be the best and fastest way of distributing such informations. Mrs. Sulo Shah Shrestha of Formation Carpets stressed for the need of holding more talk and training programs for the members.
  1. President, Mr. Khetan thanked IPP Mr. Mahendra K Shrestha for his help and support towards the chamber. He also thanked all the office bearers, executive committee members and the general members for their commendable contributions and support. He further assured that the chamber will continue to work for its members’ interests in future and requested the members to be more proactive.


Mr. Khetan once again thanked all present for their active participation and declared conclusion of the business session of the AGM.  Then after, he requested all members to join for the ceremonial session at 5.30 pm, after the tea break.

The ceremonial session of the 15th and 16th AGM of NBCCI was held at 5:30 pm. The session was attended by Ambassadors, officials, members of the diplomatic missions to Nepal, economists and office bearers of various associations, representatives from bi-national chambers of commerce and industries, foreign dignitaries, members, guests, and press & media journalists were among those present in the session.

  1. President Mr. Khetan first extended warm welcome to all present and thanked both the Ambassador and Deputy Head of Mission of The British Embassy HE John Tucknott and Mr. Guy Harrison respectively for agreeing to grace the occasion.


  1. Mr. Khetan delivered his welcome speech. In his speech, he mentioned that AGM is held at a time when the country is passing through the most critical point of our history. He summed up impact of current political situation prevailing in the country, insurgency effecting on the economy and social values, political instability, practically no concrete decisions being taken by the HMG/Nepal and hoped that the constitution will take place and will pave the way for economic development and that political parties will give top priority to economic agenda towards the country.
  1. Next, Guest of Honor and the patron of the chamber, HE Mr. John Tucknott, in his address, mentioned that to have a sustainable peace economic has to pick up and present investment environment needs to be more conducive. He said that British investment is seeking appropriate investment friendly time to come to Nepal. The ambassador went on to note that widespread corruption raised the cost of doing business in Nepal, and that poor infrastructure was an obstacle to getting business moving.


  1. He touched upon the British-Nepal historical relations and expressed the commitment of UK for a better Nepal. He stressed on the need for protection of individual rights and rights to business and urged the business community to make its voice heard. He ended by saying that the coming year must be a year of opportunities seized after once the constitution has been built up.
  1. Mr. Ashish K. Sengupta, Sr. Vice President of the chamber mentioned that the business community has to be treated as an integral part of new Nepal, adding that this requires a change of mindset. He then thanked HE Tucknott, Mr. Harrison, the media and all those present for their support and cooperation.


  1. President Mr. Khetan presented the concluding remarks. He highlighted the close relations between the chamber and the British Embassy and activities undertaken by the chamber. He thanked HE Tucknott, Mr. Guy Harrison, DHM and other staff of the British Embassy for their support towards NBCCI. He thanked all the office bearers, Executive Committee members and the general members for all their contributions and support as well. He also appealed all the members for the active working and support to further strengthen the objectives of the chamber.
  1. It was declared conclusion of the chamber’s AGM and invited all for the cocktail reception at the Ambassador’s residence.


The 15th and 16th AGM ended with cocktail reception for the all members and invitees.



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