Objectives & Function

  1. To promote or arrange contact with and cooperation among industrialist, businessmen and other professional groups of Nepal and the U.K.
  2. To compile appropriate data concerning Nepal and U.K. in the fields of trade industry economic cooperation tourism etc and establish and develop information and documentation center.
  3. To provide representation in pertinent agencies of  Government of Nepal or other organisations and institutions in order to promote economic relations between Nepal and U.K.
  4. To organise exchange of visits or arrange for representation of people from professional groups of either countries in order to promote industry trade services and economic relations between the two countries.
  5. To arrange for the transfer of technology and to promote investment between Nepal and U.K.
  6. To protect or make arrangements to protect the collective interests of business and industrial group of the kingdom of Nepal engaged in business with the U.K.
  7. To mediate or make arrangements to mediate in any dispute concerning industry and trade between Nepal and U.K. and to take the necessary actions for this purpose.
  8. To conduct or make arrangements to conduct research in industrial commercial economic matter and to exchange and publicise relevant data (or to make arrangements for doing so).
  9. To publish and exchange newspapers magazines books or booklets on industrial commercial and economic subjects as well as other useful subjects.
  10. To organise meeting to promote industry, trade, technology, transfer and joint ventures.
  11. To help advise or provide legal counsel on matters relating to the industry, labour, and fiscal laws of Nepal.
  12. 12 To organise trade fairs and exhibitions to promote trade and industry between the two countries.


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